There's this saying that my father frequently reminds us of. I recall it goes like this: "Coins sound when they're dropped but paper bills are always silent". The quote was from an ancient philosopher called "chain message" but though it sounds simple, the message it wants to send about humility weighed heavier than I thought.

My home life has always been grounded with values. We are a family who lived a quiet, laid-back life who found joy even in the simplest things. Perhaps the way we live contributed a lot to my quiet, solitary personality. Yes, I've always been the wallflower who is easily discouraged by loud people. If boisterous laughter and noisy banter are things I can handle, then nothing irks me more than the "loud" ones who "humble brag" at every chance they get, thirst for attention, and constantly want the spotlight. If anything, they only ever make me uncomfortable.

It isn't only me but I know we've all come across one or two many people who act this way. They could be anyone in the workplace, in your community, in some cases they could be distant family relatives, countless people in the virtual world or let's face some hard pill to swallow — it could just simply be yourself. Strangely enough, we live in a society that fosters competition, boldness, loudness, and pride. It would get pretty nasty and harsh but we do find some satisfaction in all of it sometimes. Our tendency to put ourselves front and center could oftentimes make us lose ourselves in the process.

Wouldn't it be a lot better if we too paid close attention to others? We want to get the upper hand, to have the last word, to be the best in everything but our sensitivity and groundedness — far from one we call false modesty — will shy us away from our own narcissism and grandiosity. Thought it can be difficult to accept and may take some time to realize, believe me when I say that there isn't any better sound than the soft and gentle roar of humility which shines through without question and will make no noise but instead, leave an even lasting mark.


Alve Jane Aranton is a 21 year-old writer from Cagayan de Oro, PH. She is a lover of words, coffee and cats. Alve blogs her feelings at  She Is The Paper Back Writer. 

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