Over our momentary hiatus on the internet, we have spent most of our time getting involved in Chingkeetea’s SOFT event in August and December. Chingkeetea had several art fairs over the years but it was only during the previous months that the event has been given a more recognizable identity, heavily inspired by Renegade Craft Fair — an indie craft fair among artists across the United States.

Named SOFT, Chingkee Te held on to her goal on gathering local artists to sell their works to the public. In August, artists like Arkadia Collective, Adeva Esparrago, Dana Martinez, Joseph Diaz, Leigh & Lyle, Misfit Inc., Olaivart, Paola Agpawa, Patricia Cang, Scribbles Studio, Shari Llamis, Three & Three Creative, Sims' Calligraphy, Angel Baldelovar, including us Vivre, brought forth our personal works. 

Works ranged from crafts, visual arts, design, film photography, and books.  Successfully after much anticipation, people crowded over Chingkeetea’s new branch where we had put up our booths for people to freely visit. At night, a line-up of independent bands was invited to play such as Aira Castillo, Swell Tones, RJ Manjuyod, and Alunsina, but most especially it was a highlight of KRNA’s EP launch. Crowds remained and stopped by to hear good music.

Seeing that the SOFT event was a huge victory, Chingkeetea has decided to bring the gathering once again, even for just a day, in December. An array of booths by local artists curated and chosen through an application process were still put up for the public, however, the PechaKucha night was last December’s main spotlight. PechaKucha, which is chit-chat for Japanese, is a series of timed talks about anything under the sun. 

Speakers were chosen such as Pearl Aton, Bjorn Lim, Alve Jane Aranton, Nadine Abellera, Adeva Esparrago, and KC Salazar to present 20 slides for 20 seconds each. The topics ranged from mental health, film photography, creative living, and music. True enough, it was an insightful night filled with good and thought-provoking conversations.

The series of SOFT gathering in the city has made a mark to magnify the growing art scene in the city. You see, art lives and exists much more strongly now than ever before. From our experience, people were interested and invested in art if the artists that make them are given much priority. And thankfully, SOFT was that platform which gave not only a voice but an outlet to us artists who are trying to thrive in our own craft. It’s a community that has allowed all of us to acknowledge art and the people who tirelessly create them.

Looking back on it now, we can say that the entire experience was truly a moment so unforgettable for us. We were meeting new friends and seeing beautiful things all at the same time. I mean, what more could we ask for, right? 

Until the next SOFT event!


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