We welcome you to another chapter of Vivre before the year moves on forward to another new page. 

So many great things have transpired over the past months which kept us on our toes. Busy with the completion of our first zine called Stanzas and Stills, and the success of SOFT — a creative gathering by Chingkeetea, surely the remaining days of our 2018 has both been packed yet fulfilling. Though we've taken that much-needed hiatus, our hearts have never been more ready for the year ahead filled with endless possibilities and opportunities.

This 2019, we will be collaborating with independent creatives in the city to continue publishing stories that matter and evoke inspiration. 

As always, we encourage you to send in whatever you'd like to share with the community — whether it be a story, a photograph, a poem, or a song. If you have any ideas that we can possibly collaborate on, you can reach us through our social media channels or email.

Together, we welcome you to the new Vivre.

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