We have a few hours left before the year ends. Let's take a little trip down memory lane and talk about the movies, the songs, the books, and a whole lot of other stuff that made it into our top list.



The remake of the film not only magnified Lady Gaga's superb talent and Bradley Cooper's directorial debut but also put a spotlight on the dark and awry path of alcoholism and drug abuse. The film and its superb soundtrack made a mark on 2018 and an absolute standout. - ALVE


This is Wes Anderson's latest film and it's about a boy's adventure in finding his lost dog. Honestly, I don't remember seeing a Wes Anderson film that I didn't like. This latest one is no exception. His iconic cinematography is always a treat, but what makes Isle of Dogs so special is that it's a stop-motion film. - PEARL

No other song has been replayed over and over in my playlist than Maggie Rogers' Light On. An ode to her stardom and the anxiety that comes along with it, Light On sounds like an airy tune worthy to be sung in the car and in the confines of one's own room. - ALVE


I know this song isn't released this 2018. It's actually released nine years ago (2009) for the movie A Lot Like Love starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. Despite its "age", I still play it on repeat. It's a song about how great it is to love and be loved in return. - PEARL

Jamie McGuire's book on two high school lovers surviving and unlocking the dark mysteries of their hometown has notably caught my attention. It not only deals with romance but also on racism and mental health issues- two subjects that are talked about with utmost sensitivity. This one right here is an ultimate page-turner. - ALVE


Essays in Love tells the love story of a man and a woman who met on a flight from Paris to London. It's a typical boy meets girl love story but what makes it very different and interesting is that Alain de Botton explains the stages of their relationship and their emotions with a touch of philosophy. He does it in a way that's digestible. This book made me understand romantic relationships a bit more. - PEARL



This is a Hulu series based on Margaret Atwood's thrilling book of the same title. It tells the story of Offred, a concubine of a general in Gilead — a totalitarian society in the United States. I gave the pilot episode a try and I was instantly hooked. It's insane how women in the show are stripped off their rights. If you're a fan of dystopian themed movies or tv shows, or if you simply want a new interesting show to watch, I highly recommend giving The Handmaid's Tale a try. - PEARL


Atlanta is a series about a young aspiring rapper, Alfred Miles, and his struggle in making it in the music industry. Earn, his cousin who is played by Donald Glover, manages him and does everything he can to boost his career. What I love about this show is that it tackles racism, police brutality, effects of social media and so much more while injecting some dark humor. I love how the show makes me think about issues that I wouldn't bother thinking so much about. - PEARL

What are your top picks for 2018?


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