If you’re a huge indie-pop fan like us, might we recommend an artist named KRNA? Search for their single entitled “And Ever” on Spotify, press play, and you’re welcome, you’re going to lose yourself in that single moment. One thing to be incredibly proud of, of this musical suggestion, is that KRNA (pronounced as Kire-ina), is, after all, a band based in nowhere else but our own city, Cagayan de Oro. Yes, an indie-pop gem hidden right exactly where we are.

KRNA was formed a little over two years ago and have been performing in CDO’s music scene since their debut performance at Musikagayan Festival in 2016. KC Salazar, lead vocalist and guitarist, wanted to explore a different sound then and has luckily found a certain connection to her bandmates- Janro Abian (drums), Rotsanjani Mojica (bass guitar), and Francis Ramos (keys).

The band members have known each other for long because each of them have been members of their own bands but sooner their unified taste and idea gave birth to the sound of KRNA. Influenced by artists such as Florence + The Machine and Feist, KRNA shines through with a dreamy, romantic tunes that are as catchy and as melancholic.

2018 the band's biggest year yet. They will be releasing their first EP album, The River Gold, in Chingkeetea — a tea house that's proudly homegrown as well. The release will kick off their national EP tour starting on August 28. The band also debuted their music video for Wide Eyes which is one of the five tracks in the album.

"And Ever" is the song that totally made us fall in love with their music. The lyrics are powerful and beautiful. The track and music video was released last November 2017 and it now has 2,224 hits on Youtube. In all honesty, it deserves more.

KRNA is set to perform live in Manila on August 31 to September 2. On September 15, the band will play live in Cebu. Their October dates are yet to be announced but they're set to perform in Iligan, Malaybalay, and Davao.

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