Coffee in a quaint cafe with tons of inspiring decor? That sounds like the perfect place to chill for us. We've heard about Bowerbird Coffee several weeks after it opened but never had the chance to visit the place, until recently. Locating the shop was a bit of a challenge since we missed to spot the newly opened Lane 101 in Masterson's Avenue. Eventually, we saw the huge shop sign painted on a large block of wood and the brightly lit fairy lights. It honestly looked like it was calling us from a distance. 

When we entered the small shop, we were greeted with the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee — something we'll never ever get enough of. It's hard not to swoon at all the beautiful knick-knacks on display. There were wooden shelves designed like a swing on one wall and beautiful sketches, postcards and flowers hanging on the other. Packages of imported coffee, cute teacups, and magazines sat on the wooden shelves. Looking around the shop was a visual treat.

We definitely don't mind spending a rainy afternoon in their shop, enjoying a cup of coffee, scribbling away on our journals, and drowning out all of the noise outside with heart-melting music playing through our earphones. It's such a cozy and inspiring place.

Che Roa, one of the owners, explained that a Bowerbird is a kind of bird in Australia. She said that they're basically hoarders because they gather and keep all sorts of things inside their nest. She also shared that some people mistake their name as "Powerbird", making it sound like a networking company instead of a coffee shop.

Bowerbird Coffee serves soul-awakening cups of joe, using 100% Arabica beans from different local roasters such as Kapeng Lumad, Kahayag Coffee Roaster, Maramag Coffee, and many more. These roasters source their beans from the mountains of Miarayon, Libona, Maramag, and others.

Che shared that she also collects single origin or specialty coffee beans from India, Guatemala, and Honduras, to name a few. "It's a hobby of mine when I do manual brewing or make espresso. Sometimes I share it with some of my friends." Aside from serving coffee and sumptuous pastries in their shop, they also offer catering services for events such as weddings and birthdays.

What's next for Bowerbird Coffee? Expansion to serve more great cups of coffee. For sure, we will be the first ones on the lookout when they move to a bigger place or branch out soon. We'll be there!

Bowerbird Coffee: Creativity And Passion In A Cup is located in Lane 101 Building F, Stall # 7, Masterson's Ave., Upper CarmenCagayan de Oro City.


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