Kagay-an Coffee Cartel has just opened a few days ago, by a group of four friends whose love for the art of making coffee, and simply by coffee itself, has enabled them to start their own cafe in the city. It took months to plan out- since August of this year, to be exact, but the idea, which has always been a part of their conversations, remained long before. 

Coffee Cartel isn’t as ordinary as you would expect. Unlike many other known coffee shops, Coffee Cartel takes pride in getting locally sourced products from Kape Maramag in Maramag, Bukidnon . “Mindanao hasn’t always been known for its coffee beans but we do have them and this coffee could compete internationally.” Ed Abella, one of the owner says, that apart from helping our own farmers in Mindanao, the coffee beans produced right where we are could be as promising.


Designed for relaxing and working, Kagayan Coffee Cartel is a perfect go-to hub for creatives and coffee-goers alike. It is also the café’s vision to promote CdeO’s local artists, as seen in one of the walls of the coffee shop where a set of black-and-white photos have been framed. “Those are my photos, actually.” Ed says sheepishly, who mentions he is also a photographer. Ed explains that the café would feature an artist every month so people could also recognize the artists behind the highlighted works. Being able to bring together artists for poetry nights and exhibits would be one of the biggest goals of the café. 

“All you need are the right set of people.” Ed straightforwardly says, when asked about how others could start their own coffee shops. “A business has to have a heart. It has to believe in something.” A vision seemingly fit right where Coffee Cartel stands. Seemingly, Kagay-an Coffee Cartel already has that off their checklist.  

Kagay-an Coffee Cartel is located in  88 Arch. Hayes St., (near Mister Donut) Cagayan de Oro City


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Photos by Kagay-an Coffee Cartel

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