Last September 3, Chingkeetea hosted a dinner in collaboration with Vivre. The dinner named, Artists’ Night: A Creative Gathering, brought forth few artists in the local scene to take part in a special night filled with art and creative ideas.

The dinner took place in Pacifico Hotel’s E-Bar, which sat atop the rooftop of the building. Guests, dressed in shades of blue, started arriving by 5pm where the sun slowly set in, adorning the entire venue. Vinyl records on jazz music were also looming around, setting a relaxing mood for the evening. 

The tables were set with a rustic feel, decorated with fresh flowers from Petals CDO. Chingkee Te, specifically curated the whole atmosphere of the table set-up. Before dinner, guests had an art session in their preferred medium. Some chose to write essays and poetry, while others drew and painted their brushes away. Guests shared a good meal afterward. 

Gathering at the lounge area, a discussion on a special project commenced. But before that, artists who wrote read their poetry and other writings out loud to the group. The dinner went about with good conversations and creative brainstorming. The special project called INDIGO, which is still under wraps, is something that CdeO can truly be proud of once it will come to fruition very soon.


Alve Jane Aranton is a 21 year-old writer from Cagayan de Oro, PH. She is a lover of words, coffee and cats. Alve blogs her feelings at  She Is The Paper Back Writer.

Photos by Joshua Motomull. Video by Ajae Evangelista

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