If there was one thing hole in the wall eats bring forth to anyone, it’s most definitely an element of surprise. Walk around the city and there you’ll find them spurting out one by one hidden among corners. And we can’t help but admit, Vivre loves a good hole in the wall spot  a good diner or a quaint little cafe, you name it. 

Apostrophe is a newly opened cafe which serves food, coffee and other beverages. Included in our list of favorites is their special Matcha Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and the colorful Mermaid Frappe. The cafe is tiny but with a plethora of other things to offer. The cafe has pasta and a hot bowl of ramen too! So if you’re craving for something warm and fuzzy without going far and pricey, this is your place.

Situated in-between Kopya de Oro and Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Divisoria, its pastel pink interiors is one that is hard to miss. Its pretty design sits on a fine line between pastel and tropical — a feel so modern and relaxed everybody now seems to love. We were all heart eyes on every detail in the cafe. It made us feel like we're inside a photo we pinned on Pinterest. Indeed, Apostrophe’s interiors are eye candies.

Apostrophe opens its doors for anyone who wants to sit by the window people-watching or read a book with a warm hug from a drink or two.


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