On a Saturday afternoon, Alve and met up to brainstorm new ideas for Vivre and publishing a post about how the site came to be and what is its purpose, came to mind. Ever since the site was launched last October 2016, we felt like we lacked in introducing ourselves and what Vivre really is.

So here it is. The Ultimate Hello  as what we jokingly call this post.


Alve Jane 
I’ve always had the desire to build my passion project but never really had the guts nor the resources to start it with. Excuses, excuses, I know, but when you’re recently out of college, you can’t always help but feel ambitious yet doubtful at the same time. All I had was a plan- to create it with the best people who had the same vision as I did and Pearl was definitely one of them. I was close to giving the plans up but then out of spontaneity, she took the chance of buying a domain, woke me from my daydream, and the next thing we know, we were already building the site we wanted to make. 

Honestly, I just really wanted a site that publishes stories of people, places, events in Cagayan de Oro that are beyond what the city usually consumes from other local websites. I did my search for local websites that feature Cagayan de Oro's artists before, and although there are some of them that do publish feature articles, the thing is, they weren't very "in-depth". I mean, most of the feature articles have interviews with the local artist, yes, but only when there's a specific event. 

I also wanted a site that serves as a hub for creatives, especially those from the city, to showcase their work. Alve and I talked about this for so long and we're very determined to make it a reality. Thankfully, we managed to set aside all our fear (of how the site will be received by our target readers) in one corner and we were able to launch Vivre before the end of 2016. 


Alve Jane

We're determined to build a site that’s somehow different from what the city is already familiar with. We wanted to shift away from the mainstream and create something that resembles much like art.  A site that represents the city’s creatives who must have been hiding away somewhere waiting for a platform that will bring forth its art to light. 

We are constantly seeking real, empowering content and put it up for the readers. A media that so vividly captures what people’s smiles are like and a media that resounds the laughter we hear on the busy streets? That’s what we had playfully imagined Vivre would be.



We have tons of ideas for our next posts and it's all in our draft folders, for now. With our demanding schedules at work and grad school (yay for Alve! 💪), honestly, it has been tough keeping up with deadlines for Vivre but we are working very hard on it. 

Vivre is still (and will always be) open for submissions. We want this site to be your site too so we welcome creative pieces in whatever form they may be. Please don't hesitate to send us an email at vivrethesite@gmail.com.

*film photos by Pearl Aton. Shot with a Fujica Auto-7 and Fujicolor C200

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