It has been on top of millenials' list to fulfill their travel goals nowadays. Thanks to social media, traveling to a new, unfamiliar destination has lead people to satiate such wanderlust. With cheap airfare promos, affordable hostels and sights to see, traveling is almost always within reach.

Chronicling his travels through fascinating, charming photographs, travel photographer Louie Danganan takes us to the Philippines where gems and a million other secret destinations await. We reached out to him several months ago to ask about traveling around the country and he was more than glad to share this thoughts and stories:

Have you always wanted to become a travel photographer? How did your passion for travel and photography start?

I did not even know I would enjoy capturing travel images until I was sent for my first local official business trips (as a young professional) to Visayas and Mindanao in 2011. Taking photos then using my phone camera was just to document the road. Then years after, I started hopping frequently on travels. In 2013 my local travel photo journal ( was born. 

What or who (books, photographers) inspires you to continue your passion?

The burgeoning local travel blogging scene then inspired me to do travel and photography for personal satisfaction. Lakad Pilipinas, The Traveling Nomad, and Biyaherong Barat were big influences to me when I was starting out. Then I get inspiration from almost everything I read.

Mararison Island, Culasi, Antique

Tarangban Falls, Calbayog City, Samar

Dahican Beach, Mati City, Davao Oriental

How many places in the country have you visited? What is your ultimate favorite? 

Truthfully, I don't count. Trite as it may sound, it's the character of places and the authentic experience I am about. Quality. Under 'Visited', for proximity and landscape factors, Zambales is a favorite. For factors such as rawness, remoteness, and vista, my favorite so far are Balabac Islands in the southernmost tip of Palawan Island and Batanes Islands in the north. 

Under 'yet-to-visit', there goes Calayan Group of Islands aka Babuyan Group. 

What is one philosophy about travel do you value and believe the most?

This applies to both travel and photography which two are inseparable for me: It is not about what you are looking AT but what you are looking FOR.

Travelling has been one of a millennial's life goal, what can you say about that?

Travel as a 'life goal' is quite a 'quest', a mission. Perhaps millenials now are simply trying travel to know if it is something they would consider to do long term. To travel is mostly unglamorous, the opposite of images everyone commonly sees on social media platforms. Not everybody can fit into a travel lifestyle. (side comment: even I do not know if I will adapt to it as I still haven't.) 

As long as millenials are motivated by the right reasons such as supporting and advocating local tourism (coupled with responsible tourism) and not merely for the sake of jumping into the bandwagon or to brag on social media or to not miss out on what is hip, I believe to travel is an excellent choice over material preoccupation. 

Lubong-Nangoloan Falls, San Felipe, Zambales

Sabtang Lighthouse,  Batanes, Philippines

Iloilo City, Philippines

Can you share one unforgettable experience while you were travelling?

My unintentional first solo travel led me here. Lesson: Go when you are doubting. Taking that fearful leap is how you become courageous. Taking that fearful leap is how you are rewarded.

What has travelling taught you about life? About the Philippines?

Traveling is not just about going to places and being wowed by what is before you. When you travel you are presented opportunities to wow yourself too. In our daily lives we depend so much on other people but when we travel we are compelled to depend on ourselves. To travel is to outdo yourself every time.

Up until now after 3 years of exploring local, I still have so much to see of our country. (And the list of my local destinations to visit keeps on growing). Traveling taught me that the Philippines absolutely does not pale in comparison to other countries when it comes to beautiful destinations. Our archipelago is a treasure. Seek and you shall find.

What's your advice for people who are aspiring to become travel photographers?

As somebody who is inclined to take photos while on travels what I can share is: Be true to your travel and photography intentions. Do it because you enjoy it. Do it because you enjoy the process of doing it. Do it at your own pace. Always remember it is your quest, nobody else's.

To see more of Led's photos, check out his photo blog

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