“I liked coloring books when I was much younger.” Adeva has been recounting her childhood memories as we were just starting out with the interview over tea. She looks up, eyes gleaming as if giving us a peek at how art began to influence her life since she was little. 

Adeva Esparrago has had much room for freedom to explore her artistic abilities during college. It was a “time of discovery” as she describes it which lead her to be a part of Xavier University’s Circulo de Arte — a student organization centered on art. Circulo not only gave her countless of opportunities to showcase her work through art exhibits but also helped  her to grow as a person and work with several artists. She expressed that Circulo was a space for her to continually learn from others and take in constructive criticisms which thoroughly develop her craft. 

Although watercolor has been her most commonly used medium, Adeva admits that she is still searching for her artistic style and in the process follows artists to take insight from their techniques. Style, after all, changes over the years. Some of these artists that she has been inspired by include Audrey Kawasaki of Japan, Philippines’ Margaret Morales and Raine Sarmiento, France’s Agnes Cecile and homegrown talents like John Andrew Bibal and Christian Gamolo. For her, art is either considered as an expression or a skill and by skill, as she firmly points out, is something that’s necessary to be continually improved and reinvented. The key then is to create something every day.

Adeva is also a prolific writer showing just how versatile she truly is. Her writing currently takes inspiration from women who are the main subjects of her work as a writer. “Women see themselves according to how society sees them. Women are judged by everything society sees,” She utters knowing exactly how inequality and objectification put women down every day. With such voice, Adeva’s advocacy for women has shone through her works.  
In the upcoming months, Adeva will participate in projects such as Bulawan — a tri-annual literary folio, and the Poetry Night and Art Fair which will be held on April with the Nagkahiusang Magsusulat sa Cagayan de Oro (NAGMAC). She will also be participating in Arkadia Collective's exhibit entitled 'Home' this March 28 at CU gallery. 


  1. I like her style. The lines are simple, and so are the colors, but there's so much more to it when you see it as a whole. She makes her art feel like they're emotions and not physical things. Kudos. Looking forward to seeing more of her work, definitely, she will improve in time.

  2. OMG I like her poem during the Poetry Night last April! Was it titled Ember/Amber... Pls feature that poem because it was just beautiful~


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