This is how you make 
a perfect cup of tea
Even to those who've said
that they're just for coffee.
This is how you get
the water from the tap
and boil it til' it sings
of a winded perhaps
that's been brewing in your mind
like the flavors that you choose. 
It's Heaven that can ease
with aromas that can soothe,
as you move with the world
to go fetch a mug
that gets the job done; 
like a long-awaited hug. 
The teapot is set
and is warm enough to hold. 
The porcelain is kind
to fingers who are cold
or shivering,
but who can really tell?
Milk and sugar are married now.
The tea joins in as well.
Pursed lips first hear the drums
of the cup that is drawing near.
Your heart is in your throat again,
but it just slides down from here.
This is how the cup of tea
is divinely known and told:
it takes the sun and warms it up
til' it's a pot of gold. 
Leaves and flowers and the stars above
can substitute the air
that comes in from that suddenness 
that catches you unaware.
Breathe in the tea and forgive yourself
for the days you can't survive. 
Now, sigh and let the butterflies free. 
You are still alive.


Poem by Dana Cacha. Dana Cacha is a 17 year old student who sometimes wakes up as a writer and goes about her day in the Philippines pretending she's in a movie-musical. She tries to be better at

Collage Art by Pao Agpawa. Pao is a 19 year old visual artist and graphic designer who loves traveling and finding solutions to visual problems to make the world a better place.

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